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English citations of Borgesian

  • 2001, Harold Bloom, How to read and why‎, →ISBN, page 57:
    Stories now tend to be either Chekhovian or Borgesian; only rarely are they both.
  • 2001, Tan-chiang wen li hsüeh yüan; Hsi yang yü wên yen chiu so, “Tamkang review‎”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), page 40:
    It is a notable Borgesian pattern to start with an intriguing idea followed by explorations of the logic behind it, its implications, and consequences.
  • 2004, Alfred Hiatt, The making of medieval forgeries: false documents in fifteenth-century England‎, page 4:
    Admittedly, the relationship between hypothetical book and Borgesian summary is in fact the inverse of the relationship between forged source and dependent historical narrative.
  • 2007, Larry Busbea, Topologies: the urban utopia in France, 1960-1970‎, page 191:
    ... a library of infinite permutations, a game or a lottery for the chance reparceling of destinies — in short, a Borgesian world,