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Citations:Brass Monkey

English citations of Brass Monkey

  • 1992, Dennis A. Williams, Crossover, Summit Books, →ISBN, page 232:
    Right now, they were probably too busy getting fucked up; that was the routine. All-week jams and round-the-clock whist and bottles of Brass Monkey and seedless smoke and furtive, furious coupling with people you’d had your eyes on for four years.
  • 1993 January, Charles Aaron, SPIN, SPIN Media, ISSN 0886-3032, volume 8, number 10, page 70:
    The rhythm track lurches like Blue Öyster Cult’s “Godzilla” schnockered on Brass Monkey, while the Beasties boast old school for all us new school ex-Marky Mark fans.
  • 1994, Eric Liu, Next, Young American Writers on the New Generation, W. W. Norton & Company, →ISBN, page 51:
    “Let’s drink some Brass Monkey, some Olde English, some Cisco.” What do they know about Cisco?
  • 2004, David L., It’s Like Butter, Baby, Trafford Publishing, →ISBN, page 36:
    Slim’s breath is blanketed with cheap booze and his eyes are glossy from years of hypodermic needles and Brass Monkey liquor.
  • 2007, Ron Cooper, Hume’s Fork, Bancroft Press, →ISBN, pages 36 and 147:
    “I don't know nothing about no soul,” he said between swallows of Brass Monkey on a back porch that shaded twelve bad dogs. []
    The men would sit around the fire outside smoking, spitting tobacco, and perhaps sharing a bottle of liquor, which, since this one would be a setting up/annual barbeque combination and thus the affair of the decade, would warrant not Brass Monkey or Old Grandad bourbon, but the good stuff: Crown Royal in the blue velvet bag.
  • 2008, Jerry Worley, Margaret Morris, and Al Stramiello, Sometimes I Did All I Could, Authentic Remembrances of Teaching, Mercer University Press, →ISBN, page 99:
    Within a couple of years he was telling me how he liked to travel to Icicle Creek, drink Brass Monkey, and have his way with grown-up “squaws.”