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Noun: "acronym of information technology equipment"Edit

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  • 2004, Barnes, John R., Robust electronic design reference book, volume 2, Boston: Kluwer Academic, →ISBN, page L14:
    Many electronic products fall under Information Technology Equipment (ITE) — equipment that enters, stores, displays, retrieves, transmits, processes, switches, or controls data or telecommunication messages. As of 2003 almost all worldwide safety standards for ITE are based on IEC 950/60950, Safety of information technology equipment
  • 2012, Truman C. Surbrook, Jonathan R. Althouse, Interpreting the National electrical code, 9 edition, Clifton Park, NY: Cengage Learning, →ISBN, page 440:
    Information technology equipment (ITE) is a definition of equipment used for the creation and manipulation of data, voice, video, instrumentation and similar signals.
  • 2014, Sharon Koomen Harmon, Katherine E. Kennon, The codes guidebook for interiors, 6 edition, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, →ISBN, page 401:
    The NEC has specific requirements for the communication rooms that house this equipment, also referred to as information technology equipment (ITE).