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English citations of Oxford English Dictionary

  1. A comprehensive dictionary of the English language published by Oxford University Press, considered something of a gold standard for dictionaries.
    • 1983 February 24, Penguin Classics (publisher), Selected Tales, preface
      ...the initiation of the great Deutsches Wörterbuch, the many volumes of which were not completed by later scholars until 1961 and which has become the equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary.
    • 2000, Steven A. Benner et al., "Functional inferences from reconstructed evolutionary biology involving rectified databases—an evolutionarily grounded approach to functional genomics", Research in Microbiology, volume 151, part 2
      The indexing makes possible not only the easy retrieval of genetic data (much as an index allows the retrieval of data from the Oxford English Dictionary), but also the comparison of genetic data within the database.
    • 2001, Archives of Dermatology
      Sad to say, until a dictionary of dermatology equivalent to the Oxford English Dictionary comes into being, dermatology will forever be a twiglike imposter, rather than an authentic branch of knowledge.
    • 2002, Michael Gellert, The Fate of America: An Inquiry Into National Character, page 242
      The Oxford English Dictionary of sixteenth-century England defined black as: " Deeply stained with dirt; soiled, dirty, foul. [] "
    • 2005, Matt Warshaw, The Encyclopedia of Surfing, page 391
      More than any other surf photographer, Moore has let discipline and order guide his career. "He's the Oxford English Dictionary of surf imagery," surf journalist Evan Stater once said of the lean and highly emotional lensman []