Citations:United Statesian

English citations of United Statesian

  • 1899, John Alexander Cooper, The Canadian magazine, volume 12, page 179:
    Canadian literature is English literature, but it is not British ; neither is it United Statesian.
  • 2008, Martin McQuillan, Deconstruction reading politics, page 93:
    The methodologies employed in such cases, moreover, the 'literary theory' presupposed, are likely to remain determinedly European or United Statesian.
  • 2005, Ryan Cragun, From One Missionary to Another: the Ins and Outs of Missionary Life, page 95:
    there were actually some families that were not members of the Church that just liked having United Statesian missionaries come visit them.
  • 1908, Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton, The Californians, page 10:
    He had been as princely in his hospitality, as reckless with his gold, as meagrely equipped to cope with the enterprising United Statesian who first conquered the Californian, then, nefariously, or righteously, appropriated his acres.
  • ca. 1920 [2004], Mary Church Terrell, manuscript cited in Jinx Coleman Broussard, Giving a voice to the voiceless: four pioneering Black women journalists, page 67:
    The majority [of colored people] now believes that race prejudice is so innate in the white United Statesian, that [he is] incapacitated to [change] it.