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English citations of Uno

English Noun: "a card game"Edit

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1986 August, Jim Coleman, “Bruce Lee’s Not So Tough”, Black Belt, Active Interest Media, ISSN 0277-30, volume 24, number 8, page 6
    To top it off, Grandmaster (similar in ways to the Uno card game) includes an “assassin” card which, naturally, pictures a ninja on it.
  • 1999, J.A. Jance, Name Withheld, HarperCollins, →ISBN, page 1
    With Seattle's New York's fireworks display due to begin soon, the Peters girls—nine-year-old Heather and ten-year-old Tracy—and I shut down our Uno game at twenty minutes before midnight.
  • 2003 July, P. Frank Williams, “David Banner: Rebel Music”, Vibe, Vibe Media Group, ISSN 1070-4701, volume 11, number 7, page 86
    One moment the charming mama’s boy is playing Uno with a pack of giggly girls, the next he’s a boastful pimp who jumps headfirst into the crowd.
  • a. 2006, Chad Kimberly, “1. Face-Up Uno”, in Best of Try This One: The Most Popular Ideas from the #1 Youth Ministry Resource, Group Publishing (2006), →ISBN, page 41:
    Give each group a set of Uno cards, and have them play the game—but with all the cards in their hands facing up.
  • 2006, Rob Simons, Things Kept Burning, (publisher), →ISBN, page 15:
    During card games we would talk about betting on Ball State or suggest that instead of poker we should play Uno.
  • 2007 Regina Bernhaupt, Astrid Weiss, Marianna Obrist and Manfred Tscheligi, “Playful Probing: Making Probing More Fun”, Human-computer interaction—INTERACT 2007, volume 1, page 610
    To be able to profit from the moment of playfulness we combined the card-game UNO with some additional question cards following the standard rules of the game. We chose this well-known card game as basis[sic], because it is easy to play for children, but also addresses adults.
  • 2007 October, Ted Spiker, “He Says/She Says”, Women's Health, Rodale, ISSN 0884-7355, volume 4, number 8, page 63
    End it now because your potential in-laws eat beef jerky for breakfast or play Uno in the nude.
  • 2010, Holly Swyers, Wrigley Regulars, Finding Community in the Bleachers, University of Illinois Press, →ISBN, page 21:
    centerfield regulars, Judy and Colleen [] used to play Uno on the bench between them while they watched the game and kept score.