English citations of Yoshi

  • 1991 September 16, Greg Stewart, “SMW: Bowser spoiler”,, Usenet
    [] the credits roll for the programmers and artists.
    Mario, Luigi, the Princess, the three Yoshis, and the seven eggs end up at Yoshi's house, decorated with ribbons for the occasion. Each Yoshi egg hatches []
  • 1994 April 8, Susan Pavis, “Super Mario World Yoshi question”,, Usenet
    My son [] has one game so far and that is Super Mario World. He would like to know where all the Yoshi's [sic] can be found. The manual indicates that there are other colored Yoshis but he can't find them.
  • 1997 January 30, Brian Detty, “Re: Meanest thing done to your opponent”,, Usenet
    I have to say that the most humilating move that has ever been put into a fighting game would be Kappah's from behind the throw. [] Killing somebody with a Yoshi suicide is a close runner up.
  • 1997 April 24, Albert Lee, “Re: [TK3] Using Lei's stances?”,, Usenet
    Thanks to your comments, I was able to thoroughly rape a King user today, and fared nicely against a Yoshi player. That b+1+2 headbutt is sooo useful against Yoshi's kicks...muh ha ha!
  • 1998 March 30, “Relm”, “Re: AGFF Spell Sayings.......”,, Usenet
    He found those annoying virtual Yoshi pets at Nintendo's site just a couple days ago. He named a Yoshi after me (....) and took care of it for a day or two, but got bored of having to care for it so often. Any other person would of just left it, but noooooo....being the silly programmer that he is, he has to go and create a virtual Yoshi-sitter for his virtual Yoshi!!
  • 1998 July 30, “Nintendo Gives Consumers 1,000 More Reasons to Shop at Tommy Hilfiger; Back to School Promotion Brings Nintendo 64 to the Apparel Retail World”, Business Wire
    Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games worldwide, and has created industry icons such as Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, and Donkey Kong.
  • 2002 February 11, “Find Your Escape in Nintendo's Super Mario World; Luigi Joins Mario and Yoshi On a Trip To Star Road via Game Boy Advance”, Business Wire
    1991's Super Mario World offered everything a video game player could want from an action adventure game with 96 levels to explore across nine vast worlds. Mario befriends a new pal, Yoshi, who helps the grateful plumber navigate through each of the stages.
  • 2002 September 28, Business Wire
    Hundreds of local residents of Lizard Lick vied for victory in the world's first "Clash of the Tongues" competition.
    The competition was lead by Yoshi(R), the video game industry's most famous long-tongued dinosaur. Yoshi realized his life-long wish to join his distant Lizard Lick cousins and their talented tongues
  • 2003 November 11, “FEATURE/Mario Announces Bid For U.S. Presidency; The Mario Party 5 Platform: All Fun, No Politics”, Business Wire
    The rest of Mario's top advisers embody diversity itself with the inclusion of Toad (a 29-inch diplomat from the Mushroom Kingdom), Yoshi(TM) (a long-tongued dinosaur) and Donkey Kong(R) (a stubborn ape).