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Inflecting aboutEdit

  • 1909, A. Hope Blake, Sixty years in New Zealand: stories of peace and war:
    Our anchor, which had been cut away from its lashings and dropped into the deep, is restored to its place, and the Jane with her "Jonah" abouts ship and bears towards Mercury Bay — which is on the mainland — for repairs.
  • 1938, Amending the Merchant Marine act of 1936: Hearing[s] before the Senate. Committee on Commerce, United States Congress:
    They had "abouted ship." They had changed the course to put her into the wind.
  • 1950, Sea breezes: the ship lovers' digest[1], volume 9, Pacific Steam Navigation Company:
    At the crack of dawn we were up the wind blew from the south-west, and making ready to go up the and we were abouting ship every watch or so
  • 1999, Sheila Mulcahy, A gallant barque: the story of the Port Yarrock:
    He hoped the weather would continue good, "for none of us feel competent to work the ship in bad weather. It is a job for all hands to swing the foreyards round in abouting ship."