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English citations of acarophobia

American Medical Association (1921) Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry: (Chicago): “The second patient, a man, aged 38, had acarophobia which developed following an attack of scabies.”

American Medical Association, National Research Council (U.S.). Division of Medical Sciences. Committee on Information (1941) War Medicine: “After these measures he was relieved of his acarophobia, but he continued to complain of severe pruritus at varying periods.”

Norman Tobias (1963) Essentials of Dermatology: “The cleaning of hats and outer clothing will prevent acarophobia on the part of the patient.”

Otto Braun-Falco, Gerd Plewig, H. H. Wolff, W. H. Burgdorf (2000) Dermatology: “This is a form of a monosymptomatic psychosis similar to acarophobia and delusions of facial asymmetry.”