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Citations:ace of hearts

English citations of ace of hearts

  • 1811, Ben Jonson, John Fletcher, George Colman, Francis Beaumont, Peter Whalley, The dramatic works of Ben Jonson, and Beaumont and Fletcher: printed from the text, volume 1, printed for John Stockdale, page 455:
    Well, take him out o' the stocks again; we'll go a sure way to work, we'll ha' the ace of hearts of our side, if we can.
  • 1879, Charles Dickens, All the year round: a weekly journal[1], volume 42, Published at the Office, page 42:
    The ace of hearts is appropriated to Europe, the king of hearts to London; while the other picture-cards are assigned to other countries and cities.
  • 1968, Тхе Еар 2017: пасть, пресент, анд футуре[2], Новости Пресс Агенций, page 127:
    All I can tell you is that the heart is neither the receptacle of sentiments the poets claim it to be nor the ace of hearts of the cartoonists.
  • 2005, Zadkiel, Sibly, A Handbook of Dreams and Fortune-Telling, reprint edition, Cosimo, Inc, →ISBN, page 271:
    In cutting the cards, the ace of hearts is a rich lover [...]

Noun: a gameEdit

  • 1814, Richard Burn, The justice of the peace, and parish officer, volume 2, Printed by A. Strahan for T. Cadell, page 627:
    The games of the ace of hearts, pharaoh, baffet, and hazard, are declared to be games and lotteries by cards or dice [...]

Noun: a person with an ace of heartsEdit

  • 2006, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Sales Stories to Sell By: 95 True Accounts of Success You Can Use to Close More Deals, illustrated edition, McGraw-Hill Professional, →ISBN, page 9:
    On Thursday, I express-mailed the king of hearts to the president. Then on Friday, with my heart pounding, I approached the president's office. At the secretary's desk I whipped out my next playing card and announced, "Please tell Mr. Zale that the ace of hearts is here to see him."

Noun: the playing card, as representing a house in future-tellingEdit

  • 1884, Once a month[3], W. Inglis & Co., page 212:
    The ace of hearts is always the house of the person consulting the facts.
  • 1967, Robert Chambers, The book of days: a miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the calendar, including anecdote, biography & history, curiosities of literature, and oddities of human life and character[4], volume 1, illustrated edition, Gale Research Co., →ISBN, page 283:
    The ace of hearts always denoting the house of the person consulting the decrees of fate, some general rules are applicable to it.
  • 1997, Mohammed Ali, Telling Fortunes by Cards, Health Research Books, →ISBN, page 17:
    If two red tens come next to the significator marriage or prosperity, the ace of hearts is the house, [...]