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English citations of actualize

  • 1988, Viktor Emil Frankl, The Will to Meaning, Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy, Meridian, page 38
    If he sets out to actualize himself rather than fulfill a meaning, self-actualization immediately loses its justification.
  • 2009 May, Thomas Carl Patterson, Karl Marx, Anthropologist, Berg, page 33:
    This was the first time, according to Hegel, that human beings had the freedom to actualize themselves as rational, moral individuals; moreover, through their individuality, they could also actualize themselves as social members of a community.
  • 2009 August, Charles Zastrow, Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, Empowering People, Cengage Learning, page 183:
    Individualism involves the belief that people should seek to actualize themselves, to be happy, to develop their interests and capacities to the fullest, and to fulfill their own needs and desires.
  • 2010 March, Deborah Schiffrin et al., Telling Stories, Language, Narrative, and Social Life, Georgetown University Press, page 77:
    The conflict being negotiated in the story is essentially an opportunity for MA to actualize herself, and with no adversary this would not be possible.