English citations of addictionary

1988, Dennis Joseph Enright, Fields of Vision: Essays on Literature, Language, And Television:

Besides such witticisms as 'the ubiquitous -wise guys' and 'wall-to-wall carping', Barzun comes up with some handy neologisms of his own: addictionary, ...

2001, Arthur Krystal, A Company of Readers: Uncollected Writings of W.H. Auden, Jacques Barzun ...:

... arm in arm with the guide or companion; the addictionary weakness prevails: we have dropped out of the conversation and fallen into the deep trance of ...
  • 2004, snake (username), “sublingual fastidiousnessicationalities ( was Troll or teacher ...”, in talk.religion.buddhism on Usenet:
    ... scapegoat the keyboard for an alleged addiction to things needing to make sense and rely instead on the begging of the addiction to what one may then claim is a mere coincidence of appearing to only seem to be an innocent bystander, does this foment control of one's addictionary agendas to inanimate objects? (link)