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English citations of adjutrix

  1. A female adjutor.
    • 1969, Gladys May Durant, Britain, Rome’s Most Northerly Province: A History of Roman Britain, A.D.43–A.D.450, page 32:
      This was the Second Adjutrix — to be distinguished from the Second which had played its part in the early advance under Vespasian in the days of Aulus Plautius, which was the Second Augusta.
    • 2005: Paul Burns, Butler’s Lives of the Saints: chapter 5 — St Faustina Kowalska (1905–1938), p251
      The Congregation ran boarding schools for neglected and maladjusted girls. Faustina was a “co-adjutrix” (a type of lay Sister) and worked in a number of convents as cook, gardener, and porter, usually supervising and training small groups of the girls, to whom she was able to relate easily and effectively.
    • 2006, Benn Pitman, The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators…, page 296:
      In case Lloyd were innocent and Mrs. Surratt the guilty co-adjutrix and messenger of the conspirators, Lloyd would have been able to cite so much more open and significant remarks and acts of Mrs. Surratt that he would not have been obliged to recall,…