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English citations of adlecting and adlects

present participial usesEdit

  • 1950, Edward Togo Salmon, A History of the Roman World from 30 B.C. to A.D. 138 (2nd ed., Methuen), page 43
    The Emperor’s control over a man’s senatorial career did not consist merely in starting men of obscure origin on their way by adlecting them into the Senatorial Order; it could be exercised at every step of the way both for those who were senatorials by birth and for those who were such by adlection.
  • 1964, Arnold Hugh Martin Jones, The Later Roman Empire, 284–602: A Social, Economic, and Administrative Survey (illustrated, reprint edition; Basil Blackwell; →ISBN, 9780631150770), volume 1, page 5
    To stand for the quaestorship an outsider required the licence of the emperor, who also possessed the power of adlecting outsiders directly into the senate with appropriate seniority.
  • 1965, American Philological Association, Transactions and Proceedings (Press of Case Western Reserve University), volume 96, page 364
    This mixture was to be effected either by drawing the juries partly from the senate (of about 300 members), partly from an album of 300 equites (Plut. CG 5.2, Comp. 2.1), or by adlecting 600 equites into the senate and drawing the juries from this new senatorial order (Liv. Per. 60).
  • 1966, Adrian Nicholas Sherwin-White, The Letters of Pliny: A Historical and Social Commentary (Clarendon P.), page 674
    Trajan’s veto was not maintained, for Dig. 50. 2. 11 quotes a rescript of Severus and Caracalla approving the ancient custom at Nicomedia of adlecting decurions below the then prescribed age of 25.
  • 1967, Richard Mansfield Haywood, Ancient Rome (McKay), page 473
    The censorial power allowed him to exert an influence on the composition of the Senate, especially by adlecting men of mature years who had not been through the normal preliminary career but whose unusual ability came to his attention.

third-person singular simple present indicative usesEdit

  • 1980, Ronald Syme, Some Arval Brethren (Clarendon Press; →ISBN, 9780198148319), page 132
    Vespasian, his adherents 14f., 74ff; adlects senators 15; creates patricians 39; his policy about the Arvales 15, 77