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English citations of adolescentilism

  • 1991, Robert T. Francoeur [ed.], Timothy Perper, and Norman A. Scherzer, A Descriptive Dictionary and Atlas of Sexology, page 186 (Greenwood Press; →ISBN, 9780313259432):
    [] activity may be replayed during masturbation (qv) or copulation (qv) with an older partner. The reciprocal condition is paraphilic adolescentilism (qv), in which an older person impersonates an adolescent in order to achieve sexual arousal and orgasm.
  • 2003, “The Devil” (quoting “Arny Krueger”), (Google group): Loudspeaker timing, the 29th day of September at 10:45pm:
    >I often engage in adolescentilism.
    That’s very honest of you.
  • 2006, Annabelle du Fouet, Weather Balloons Make Rotten Sex Toys, page 79 (Cerridwen Press; →ISBN, 9781419954832):
    Teenism: A psychiatrist acquaintance tells me the preferred medical term for this kink is adolescentilism but when I told a teeniest of this, he replied, “Yeah? Well, your shrink friend sucks. Or maybe he blows. Dumbass.” Many conversations I had with teenists were similar in nature.