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English citations of advertences

  • 1759 William Wollaston, Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress), The Religion of Nature Delineated, page 53
    …and perception is attended with an act of advertence : and as the more the perceptions are, the more are the advertences or reflexions ; fo v.v. the more…
  • 1979 Nārada, Thein Nyun, Pali Text Society, Guide to Conditional Relations: Part I, Being a Guide to Pages 1-12 of Conditional Relations Paṭṭhāna, page 160
    …15 life-continuums in the five-aggregate planes are related to 2 advertences (these are to be found in the sensuous process of the Detailed Chart)…
  • 1983 Edmund Husserl, translated by Fred Kersten, Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy: General Introduction to a Pure Phenomenology, page 267
    The picture-Object and the phantasy-Object also (and necessarily) have attentional backgrounds. "Background" is, again, the name for potential advertences
  • 2007, Edward S. Casey, The World at a Glance, page 328
    The mental glance is a veritable mediatrix between the two explicitly perceptual advertences: ADVERTENCE 1 1st perceptual glance: explicit perception of my…