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English citations of agalmatophilia

  • 1979, Francis Schiller, Paul Broca, founder of French anthropology, explorer of the brain[1], page 291:
    Not so the biographer: an avid collector of all palpable evidence, he is also afflicted with something called "agalmatophilia" or monumentomania.
  • 1999, Stephen Michael Wheeler, A discourse of wonders: audience and performance in Ovid's Metamorphoses‎[2], page 156:
    In the end, contrary to rational expectation, Pygmalion's seemingly misguided belief in the realism of the statue does not lead to agalmatophilia.
  • 2006, Laurence Simmons, Freud's Italian Journey[3], page 163:
    Significantly it is another of those small details in the text, the fact that the approaching Gradiva should startle a lizard, which saves us as readers from the icy returns of agalmatophilia.
  • 2008, Stephen T. Holmes, Ronald M. Holmes, Sex Crimes: Patterns and Behavior[4], page 87:
    Pygmalionism (sometimes called agalmatophilia), is a sexual attraction to a statue, doll, or mannequin.