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English citations of agape


  • 1674, John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book V, lines 354-7:
    More solemn then the tedious pomp that waits
    On Princes, when thir rich Retinue long
    Of Horses led, and Grooms besmeard with Gold
    Dazzles the croud, and sets them all agape.


  • 1923, Arthur Michael Samuel, “Roubiliac (1695-1762)”, in The Mancroft essays‎, page 159:
    There I stand, agape like any country bumpkin
  • 1980, Joel Flegler, Fanfare‎, volume 3, number 4-6, page 198:
    That's all well and good; one can sit, agape, reading the copious liner notes to this or any Explorer record, but it's what's inside the jacket that counts.
  • 1996, Lech J. Majewski; Julian Schnabel, Basquiat:
    The restaurant staff and OTHER DINNER GUESTS watch, agape.


  • 2005 September 24, “Angry Surfers Say Cage-Diving Changes Great White's Way”, in Wall Street Journal:
    "This is Sammy 91," he told the two dozen tourists watching agape."