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English citations of amazon

Adjectival useEdit

  • 1864, Thomas Adolphus Trollope, Lindisfarn Chase: A Novel, page 35
    [] she very accurately figured to herself the charming picture she would make, mounted in a becoming amazon costume upon so showily beautiful a steed.
  • a. 1896, by Frances Dillon Jerningham, The Jerningham Letters (1780-1843): Being Excerpts from the Correspondence, page 49
    Your riding in a masterly way is not what suits my idea of female meekness, but I allow you to be amazon as you have so many claims upon the arts which soften down the Intrepidity of the amazon
  • 1909, Henry Dudeney, Trespass, page 241
    This was a complaint which demanded more amazon and strictly feminine qualities.
  • 1973, Jill Johnston, Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution, page 258
    Lesbian nation is amazon culture
  • 1990, Diane Stein, Casting the Circle: A Women's Book of Ritual, page 77
    These are amazon foremothers, with two Mother Goddesses (Demeter and Hina) to watch over them.
  • 1992, Walter L. Williams, The Spirit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture, page 251
    She wrote me that "There are amazon women, recognized as such, today in a number of tribes—young, alive, and kicking!"
  • 2002, D. J. MacHale, The Merchant of Death, page 78
    If they knew who I was, then why was amazon girl over there ready to beat my brains out?