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English citations of amerigine

Valid cites for attestation of headword senseEdit

  • 1979: B. Jonson, Amerigine
    Amerigine The title of a treatise on aboriginal Americans
  • 1979: B. Jonson, Amerigine
    Even as far north as Iterak Creek, there exists paleoindian lithic assemblage with no flutes, which is related to traditions of the amerigine of mid-continent North America.
  • 1987, B. Jonson, Indian Summer Dreams, poem
    Into those few ephemeral woods, / The amerigine has a living / Only constitutes in breeding / What is his alone.
  • 2008: Jay Farrington, (OpEdNews): The Texas Border Wall Can't Separate Latinos from Their Memories and Culture, the 14th day of June at 8:53pm
    There were many amerigine tribes on the Trail of Tears, mostly to Oklahoma, a fraction of these groups went on to Texas, then remnants went to Mexico and vanished into the mountains.

Other citationsEdit

  • 1981: (Footnote): San Miguel Basin Forum , the 20th day of August
    ... an airliner developes a romance with 8 rich Amerigine trouble ,and the can diplomat who claims to be Mqn-Sat, passengers and crew face the married ...
  • 1986: B. Jonson, β Studies: The Case for Indigenous Americans in the Parima Mountains"
    Projectile points 'like none before' found by The Smithsonian's Betty Meggers, in 1960, lead to the conclusion that indigenous peoples, referred to as amerigine in an earlier work,were present in the highlands as early as BP 35000.
  • 2006: Geschrieben von Mieguy, (T-Racing): Das Leben eines Truckers , the 22nd day of July
    In Guaymas legte ich meine Fracht ab und besorgte im örtliichen Amerigine eine Ladung Motoren.
  • 2007: Walkabout Putney, (The Comedy Tree): Strong Pound to $US Dollar Leads to 'State' Shopping , the 19th day of April
    Mexican President Emilio Enchilada expressed delight at the return of Texas and the many native Texans his country will now inherit. "We welcome the amerigine people and foresee big increases in the production of Jesus figurines and chilli sauce."
  • 2008: CasperLions, (RPGnet): Help me make Oz cool , the 8th day of November
    But the Amerigine tribes won't be defeated that easily, for there is a great ghost dance from which a mighty twister has been seen coming out of the badlands.

Not of sense givenEdit

  • 2007: Joe Hendershott, (Trucking Forum): Get Dispatched, the 18th day of August at 8:24pm
    Amerigine Engine to Bismark 32.367
    Amerigine Mechanical parts to Des moines

English citations of Ameriginal and ameriginal

  • 1979: B. Jonson, Amerigine
    In the hunt for ameriginal people in Venezuela, for example, the evidence is represented in the petroglyphs found in the Lake Valencia region west of Maracay.
  • 1995: meksikatsi, rec.hunting (Google group): RAINSUIT FOR BOWHUNTING, AARG!!, the 27th day of April at 2:00am
    For the group, I explore jungle areas in South America in my quest to learn more about ancient Ameriginal peoples.
  • 2004: Paneagle, Experience_Astrology (Yahoo Group): New Astrology Book, the 4th day of December at 2:54pm
    In America all canadians,cubans, ecaudorians, americans, et all, are Ameriginals
  • 2008: Paneagle, Eagle Works (blogspot): 14 AMERIGINAL PRECEDENTS, the 11th day of January at 8:20pm
    The real status of the ameriginal is the establised freedom of the individual while we acknowledge an inclusive unity with all life.