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Citations:and his mother

English citations of and his mother

1880 1973
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 2011, “Are Cleanses Safe?”, in Divine Caroline[1]:
    When Beyoncé credited the Master Cleanse with her weight loss for the movie Dreamgirls a few years ago, everyone and her mother (and at least one guy I know) jumped onboard.
  • 2009, Jack O'Connell, The Resurrectionist, page 29:
    Every freak and his mother were out on the streets of Bangkok Park, running or hobbling as best they could to their sundry negotiations.
  • 2006, Kathy J. Marsh, The Aura of Love, page 207:
    She hadn't been able to see Chris for what he was, no matter that everybody and their mommas had told her.
  • 2006, Richard Montanari, The Rosary Girls, page 374:
    I need every cop and his mother out here.
  • 1973, The Listener, volume 90, page 335:
    Far from creating disillusionment, it has merely allowed politicians to disillusion every man and his mum more widely and quickly than they could have done unaided.
  • 1972, Joseph A. Walker, The River Niger:
    Next thing I know, every pig and his mother is jumping into a car— that's when it hit me you was pulling a trick, and the state office building plan was still on.
  • 1880, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Roscoe, editor, The works of Jonathan Swift, volume 2, page 644:
    One thing I shall observe upon your account, which is never to throw away any more advice upon any Irish lord or his mother