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English citations of androgynocentric

  • 1994, d'Anglure, Bernard Saladin, “From Foetus to Shaman”, in Antonia Curtze Mills, Richard Slobodin, editors, Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief Among North American Indians and Inuit, →ISBN, OL 7873727M, footnote 3, page 106:
    It is true that in Guérin's ‘androgynist’ and somewhat Jungian approach, if the two first humans were androgynous, it would be more coherent if there was only the phenomenon of the retraction of the penis in one case and the dilation of the clitoris in the other, which would have created the necessary symmetry to establish, on this level of male-female relationships, the equality between the sexes dear to Guérin and to certain androgynocentric feminists.
  • 1998 April, Dixon, Luke, The Performance of Gender, with particular reference to the plays of Shakespeare (PhD thesis)[1], page 271:
    We no longer have Helms' androcentric stage, nor the androgynocentric stage which replaced it, but a stage which can accomodate any convention or combination of conventions of gender representation.