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angst bunny
  • 1990 August 17, D Brad Shapcott, "Re: Getting too wrapped up",, Usenet,[1]
    I don't think its so much an argument between beer+pretzels crowd v. angst bunnies of the Sahara, as a very rare occurence that most have little experience with.
  • 1995 February 21, Dan Laufer, "Re: Sum Total", alt.tasteless, Usenet,[2]
    My, my... Aren't we the little angst bunny today? ¶ What happened? Choked on your daddie's ManToolTM again, and received the regular thrashing?
  • 1998 August 19, Marc Sabatella, "Re: Opinions: the New Swing Craze",, Usenet,[3]
    In the mid-80's we called them "angst bunnies"; then I started hearing "DIB's" (dress in black) and "goth".
  • 1998 December 29, Unzadi, "Re: NEW: That Which... by Angst Person [PG]TNG(Parody, Q/P/C/R/T/W/D/La)" alt.startrek.creative, Usenet,[4]
    ROTFL!!!!! Wiping tears of laughter! Excellent, excellent job. I don't think there are many angst cliches that were missed here, and as an angst bunny, I usually catch them all.
  • 1999 July 26, Unzadi, "Re: 'Chains of Solitude: Soliliques 2' TNG - AU (R, R/Fs implied, W/T)", alt.startrek.creative, Usenet,[5]
     :::reaching for hankies::: ¶ The angst bunny counts this as a sumptous little bit of clover. Doing very, very well.
  • 2002 February 10, Lori, "Re: NEW:VOY 'Glory Days' 2/2 [PG-13] K & P", alt.startrek.creative, Usenet,[6]
    Yes, the angst bunny tap-danced all over the place with this one. […] ¶ […] thank you for deviating from your virtual series long enough to indulge the angst bunny, and give that bun a carrot.
  • 2000 July 26, thebevster, "Re: NEW: The Warehouse TNG P/C NC-17 1/1", alt.startrek.creative, Usenet,[7]
  • 2001 May 29, Liz Barr, "FIC: Exploding Inside",, Usenet,[8]
    Summary: Anya contemplates Xander, romance and this whole humanity Thing. And uncharacteristically sappy piece … my angst bunny's on holidays.
  • 2001 July 10, cyn########, "Re: [ASLM] Hey, Cyn!", alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated, Usenet,[9]
    My god, woman, no wonder cyn65 is such an angst bunny when she thinks of you!
  • 1999 May 29, Rebecca Schoenberg, "Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Yankee takes a rest", alt.callahans, Usenet,[10]
    "Actually, what I liked about 'Titanic' wasn't so much the romance (though I liked that, too) but the detail they put into developing even the background characters, and how they managed to portray the event as a tragedy, not just a big special effect or a bang-wow disaster. Then again, I'm a confirmed angst-bunny.
  • 1999 November 18, Quoth the Raven, "Re: [POLL] Ecchi Block",, Usenet,[11]
    In a fanfic, if used correctly, rape can be, and is, a very effective tool if a story is supposed to be really angsty -- and I'm a bit of an angst-bunny. I like angst, as long as the hurt/comfort equation gets its share of comfort too.
  • 2000 June 23, Manix, "Re: for angst's voyeurs", alt.angst, Usenet,[12]
    I missed this when it aired over here due to the fact that I don't have a tv, but I'm reliably informed the wife is a total angst-bunny because she's a vegetarian and the average Victorian diet didn't cater for that.
  • 2001 August 31, David Damerell, "Re: New Releases - 20th August",, Usenet, [13]
    They do, yes, take the piss out of youthful angst-bunnies very effectively.
  • 2001 August 28, David Damerell, "Re: New Releases - 20th August",, Usenet,[14]
    Several of their games - especially Vampire, but all of the WoD games - were very successfully marketed as being more serious role playing. For Real Role Players. Not like those dungeon crawling games. No, no. Investigate the very crannies of the human condition. And stuff. ¶ […] ¶ Only a raging angst-bunny teenager would have believed that nonsense.
  • 1998 November 15, Vis Sierra, "Re: ok i should know the answer but i will ask anyway",, Usenet,[15]
    Most of my characters have some sort of impairment, often a crippling one, related to their signature power. Call me an angstbunny if you will, but it comes with the territory (...that of playing Malks and wraiths - great fun but not for everybody, I suppose).
  • 2006, February 1, the even harder to handle .Lily Firered., "Angstbunny Brettstam is so proud to be osa! And Magoo congratulates him I wonder where Touretzky is?", alt.religion.scientology, Usenet.[16]
  • 1996 August 6, Haakon Lugiesson, "Re: Attention alt.angst", alt.flame, alt.angst, Usenet,[17]
    What flamewar? I heard the angst.bunnies already surrendered.