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English citations of bikelash

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  • 2008, Roy Edroso, "Bikelash? Not Everyone Swoons for City Cycles", Village Voice, 16 July 2008 (used in title only)
  • 2011, Thomas Tracy, "Bikelash! Cops to crack down on two-wheelers", New York Post, 5 January 2011:
    Call it a bikelash!
    The NYPD has been ordered to begin a borough-wide crack-down that will hit renegade riders for often-overlooked “vehicular offenses” like failing to obey traffic signals and signs, breaking the speed limit, tailgating, and even failure to signal before turning.
  • 2011, Thomas Vanderbilt, "Rage Against Your Machine", Outside, 16 February 2011:
    There's a feeling among many drivers that cyclists, either by their ignorance of the law or by their blatant disregard for it, are asking for trouble. [] In one sense, the so-called bikelash has little to do with transportation modes.
  • 2011, Gord Price, "Will Rob Ford factor play out in Vancouver's civic election?",, 24 April 2011:
    Bikelashes” are occurring wherever separated lanes appear, even in that centre of sophistication, New York City, where a cycle track in Brooklyn has split the chattering classes and political elites with polarizing populism.
  • 2011, Danny Westneat, "Getting a handle on latest 'bikelash'", Seattle Times, 21 May 2011:
    I bicycled in for Bike to Work Day last week, and I saw no bikelash on such a pleasant day. But the Seattle Weekly's Nina Shapiro emailed me that the day before, she watched as a "beefy guy" driving a Buick got out, pushed a bicyclist against a wall and then picked up the bike and heaved it at him.
  • 2013, Oliver Burkeman, "Pedalling myths: the anti-bike lobby is flat out of plausible arguments", The Guardian, 11 April 2013:
    All are on the frontlines of what's been called the "bikelash", brave fighters willing to stand firm against the growing popularity of cycling across north America.