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English citations of bodycon

  1. Form-fitting (of clothing):
    • 1990 Focus Japan Volume 17:
      What Chusonji means is that they differ from another current popular stereotype, the body-con, one-length girls, who wear "body-conscious" (figure-hugging) clothing and have uniformly long (one-length) hair.
    • 1994 Transpacific, Volume 9, Issues 1-4, p.41:
      Form-fitting fashion known as "body con," for body conscious, along with miniskirts and push-up bras have been the rage for the last few years.
    • 2007 Hadley Freeman, The Guardian "How body con is shaping up as the look of the season" (8 October 2007):
      Happily, there's something else called "body con", which is proving surprisingly popular at the moment. Short for "body conscious", this refers to skintight mini-dresses, tight high-waisted trousers and basically any other garment that makes you, as the name suggests, very conscious of your body - conscious in the sense that you can't eat lunch without busting a seam.
    • 2008 Patty Huntington frockwriter "Front-of-house David Jones" (6 August 2008):
      But these versions seemed shorter, sharper and more bodycon than ever before.
    • 2009 Daily Mirror "Your guide to the ultimate body-con dress diet" 12 October 2009:
      The great thing about a body-con dress is that it pulls the two most important areas in and up - your chest and backside - making your boobs and bum look fabulous.
    • 2011 Joyce Lee CBS News "Minka Kelly's Sexy GQ Photo Outtakes" (1 February 2011):
      In one of the images from the Ellen von Unwerth-lensed spread, Kelly, who was recently named "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine, sports a red lace Calvin Klein bra with a striped bodycon skirt.