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English citations of brinner

evening meal of breakfast foodEdit

  • 2005 December 6, Ashton, Kelly, City Baby New York: The Ultimate Guide for New York City Parents from Pregnancy Through Preschool, 3rd edition, Rizzoli, →ISBN, OL 8154519M:
    Breakfast is served all day long, an interesting concept. (We call it brinner.)
  • 2008 April 10, My Bad Too (Scrubs), season 7, episode 7, written by Clarence Livingston, 9:00:
    Turk: You know what would be great?
    Carla: Here we go.
    Turk: Brinner.
    Eliot: What-er?
    Carla: Breakfast for dinner. He's obsessed with it.
    Turk: I just don't see what's wrong with having a nice glass of wine with a pancake.
  • 2011, Rau, Dana Meachen, A Teen Guide to Breakfast on the Go, Mankato: Compass Point Books, →ISBN, OL 24479123M, page 13:
    There's no rule that says you can't have omelets after 5 p.m. Friends and families bond over brinner!
  • 2011 March 27, Brown, Lane, “Three recipes for brinner (breakfast for dinner)”, in Christian Science Monitor[1]:
    What was considered during my childhood a quick meal for a busy family of five has now become a regular staple in my menu planning. Whether you crave the comfort of a large pile of pancakes or need to feed yourself fast, brinner allows you to do both.
  • 2013 February 5, Shannon, Annie; Dan Shannon, Betty Goes Vegan: 500 Classic Recipes for the Modern Family[2], Grand Central Life & Style, →ISBN, OL 25430325M:
    We made it for brinner (breakfast for dinner) since we were both working beyond full-time jobs at the time and it was a quick recipe to look forward to at the end of a pretty hectic day.
  • 2013 April 30, Harper, Lou, Spirit Sanguine[3], Samhain Publishing, →ISBN, OL 25430326M:
    On Friday, a week before Christmas, Gabe was having brinner—as he'd started to call his evening breakfast.