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Noun: "a fan of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, particularly an adult male"Edit

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  • 2011 March 10, Dennis, Scott, “Ponies overachieving, from feminism to 4chan”, in The Daily Barometer[1], ISSN 1080-6814:
    Back in the mystical land of 4chan, as the show's popularity grew, fans on the site began referring to themselves as "/b/ronies" (the /b/ referring to the board) or simply "Bronies" (indicating male fans of the series).
  • 2011 April 10, O'Sullivan, Kinley, “Confound these ponies!”, in Sonoma State Star[2]:
    Males who have begun watching the show have proudly taken up the label of "Bronies."
  • 2011 April 11, Coscarelli, Joe, “4Chan-Based 'Bronies' Continue Their Media Takeover”, in New York[3], ISSN 0028-7369:
    About a year ago, the legendary image-board 4Chan, most often recognized for its child-porn problem and for spawning the hacker group Anonymous, gave rise to another strange subset: self-proclaimed "bronies" (as in bro plus pony), young male fans of the remake of the little girl's eighties cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • 2011 June 27, Gibson, Megan, “Guess Who's A Fan? Former President Bill Clinton is a 'Brony'”, in Time[4]:
    Sure, you know Bill Clinton the former president of the United States, a Rhodes scholar and the husband to the Secretary of State, but did you know that he's also a brony?
  • 2011 August 3, Ostroff, Joshua, “All-ages show: Hipsters love children's programming”, in National Post[5]:
    Pony's cool cred has even led to its own adult-fuelled Internet subculture — tens of thousands of pieces of fan art, chiptune songs and videos mashing up pastel Pony scenes with movie trailer audio from The Dark Knight, The Watchmen and Inglourious Basterds — and sparked a surprising male following known as "bronies."
  • 2011 September 7, Weinman, Jaime, “Men who love ‘My Little Pony’”, in Maclean's[6], ISSN 0024-9262:
    But Sethisto thinks that for him and his fellow bronies, the show has "evolved way past being just another 22-minute commercial. They gave the team enough freedom to really make it awesome."
  • 2011 November 20, Jones, Kasey, “Male audience ponies up ‘Friendship is Magic’”, in East Tennessean[7]:
    Brony. The combination of "bro" and "pony," a brony is a self-describing term used to identify males who watch, follow and are fans of the show "My Little Pony."
  • 2011 December 26, Alcasid, Alexandra, “Ponies and bronies”, in Manila Standard Today[8]:
    Each and every brony has his or her reason for watching and loving the show.
  • 2012 January 10, Watercutter, Angela, “Brony Census Tracks 'State of the Herd'”, in Wired[9]:
    The census' creator, who goes by "Coder Brony," compiled the data by setting up a 10-question panel on Survey Monkey, then soliciting bronies to respond on fan sites like Equestria Daily.
  • 2012 January 20, “The Mane Event”, in Irish Independent[10]:
    The Irish Bronies have created their own mascot, a pony called Shamrock, and regularly organise trips to toy stores to buy the latest merchandise.
  • 2012 April 6, Wilson, Melody, “D.C. 'bronies' feel the love and friendship of 'My Little Pony'”, in The Washington Post[11], ISSN 0190-8286:
    The event is a meet-up of D.C. area "bronies": adult men — and some women — who follow the animated TV show religiously.
  • 2012 July 1, Collins, Dave, “BRONIES: Bro's Little Pony convention”, in Colorado Daily[12]:
    Bronies say they're a misunderstood lot who've gotten a bad rap from the media.