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English citations of cracker

Computer crackerEdit

  • 1984, Richard Sedric Fox Eells, Peter Raymond Nehemkis, Corporate Intelligence and Espionage: A Blueprint for Executive Decision Making, Macmillan, p 137:
    It stated to one of the company's operators, “The Phantom, the system cracker, strikes again . . . Soon I will zero (expletive deleted) your desks and your backups on System A. I have already cracked your System B.
  • 1984, “Letters” in InfoWorld, v 6, n 19 (May 7), p 6:
    As one who proudly considers himself a hacker, I resent the current trend in the media of labeling anyone who commits computer-related crime with the word hacker. ¶ We do, however, have a word that I might acquaint you with. That word is syscracker. Syscracker is a hackerish shorthand word that means “system cracker” and refers to a specific subclass of hackers that spends a significant portion of its time breaking into computer systems.
  • 1984, Communications of the ACM, v 27, p 9:
    Finally, I urge that security breakers be called “crackers” rather than “hackers.” Cracker is more suggestive of their activity, and hacking only tangentially relates to security or the breaking of it. It is a shame that the term “hacker,” proudly chosen by the founders of the Artificial Intelligence Lab to describe themselves, is being made into a slur.
  • 1984, Westways, v 76, Automobile Club of Southern California, p 60:
    A “cracker” is a hacker whose specific interest is breaking into computers.