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English citations of fiat

  1. an effectual decree
    • and behold, some baleful fiat as of Enchantment has gone forth.
      Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, ch. 1, Midas
    • Willis,
      His fiat laid the corner stone.
    • 2004 October 18, The New Yorker,
      The Republican domination of both houses of Congress has allowed him to do this almost by fiat, without domestic political resistance or accountability.
    • Allen G. Taylor, SQL For Dummies, Fifth Edition, Wiley Publishing, Inc.,
      The SQL:2003 specification does not try to arbitrate or establish by fiat what DOUBLE PRECISION means. The specification requires only that the precision of a DOUBLE PRECISION number be greater than the precision of a REAL number. This constraint, though rather weak, is perhaps the best possible in light of the great differences you encounter in hardware.