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English citations of helioform

verb: to compress and ignite a gas giant, making it into a starEdit

  • 1997 March 14, Bill Donovan, The ending of 2001, in alt.movies.kubrick, Usenet:
    When you look at the subsequent 2001 developments, where Io is "claimed" for an alien presence, and Jupiter is helioformed..., it makes even more sense, that the monolith was never meant to "improve" us, rather it was meant as a measuring instrument, to be read by another, to indicate "what we were up to".
  • 2009 April 11, "Zombie Elvis" (username of Roberto Castillo), The 'Verse in Numbers, in, Usenet:
    They also introduce the concept of "helioforming," by which brown dwarfs and very large gas giant planets are compressed and ignited to form artificial stars.