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English citations of hoocoodanode

  • (quote, not "durably archived") 2008 - Tanta, A Skeptical Look at Walk Aways
    Speculators always cave in quickly in a declining market, especially when they weren't required to make a down payment and the rents were never realistic. This, we always knew. It does not constitute a "sea change" in borrower behavior, whatever the hoocoodanode crowd wants you to believe.
  • 2008 July 8, sidd, “lack of information accuracy”, in alt.folklore.computers, Usenet[1]:
    In the immortal word of somebody, their defense seems to be "Hoocoodanode?" / to which i reply / "Ushouldanode!" / Thats their goddamn job.
  • (quote, not "durably archived")
    2008 December 26, Krugman, Paul, “Hoocoodanode, part a zillion”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[2]:
    Hoocoodanode, part a zillion
  • (quote, not "durably archived")
    2009 March 12, “Gigantic Housing Bubble? Hoocoodanode!?”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[3]:
    Rather than look at themselves and take responsibility for their own failure to hightlight upcoming disaster, we get a half-hearted search that results in shrugged shoulders and the exclamation, "hoocoodanode?!" (For those having trouble sounding it out: "who coulda knowed?")
  • (quote, not "durably archived", not independent?)
    2009 July 5, Krugman, Paul, “What didn’t the vice president know?”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[4]:
    But never mind the hoocoodanodes and ayatollahyaseaux. What’s important now is that we don’t compound the understimulus mistake...