English citations of kebaya

1908, Richard James Wilkinson, The Incidents of Malay Life:

It is not surprising that feminine vanity soon discarded a style so disastrous to ordered tresses; and the long, shapeless kĕbaya of Portuguese name, and for indoors a short open jacket fastened with brooches, are now universally worn by women.

1979, Chee Beng Tan, Baba and Nyonya: A Study of the Ethnic Identity of the Chinese Peranakan:

The long-sleeved blouse to go with the sarong is called a kebaya. A kebaya is made from fine material and continuous flowery embroidery is popularly sewn on [...]

1996, Harumi Wanasita, Barefoot Guerrillas:

I am dressed too well, the kain and kebaya which I wear especially for them is too neat and clean.