English citations of loxism

  • 2005 July 24, Hawkeye, originally Newz Numberman, “Giving the Loxists No Room to Lie”, in alt.conspiracy, Usenet[1]:
    And what a flawless, perfect execution of loxism: Zionists cut-off, outlaw, criminalize, suppress, and delegitimize popular dissent;
  • 2005 August 26, tony, “Nothing But Ashkenazis & Appeasers.....”, in soc.culture.malaysia, Usenet[2]:
    By contrast, you'd have to wipe out whole universities to make a dent in loxism.
  • 2007 September 1, Avidbuff, quoting jax, “Re: Jews and Free Speech Don't Mix”, in alt.politics, Usenet[3]:
    > There's only one answer to the genocidal loxism pouring out of / > judea and that's EXPEL the jews, let them all move to Israel.
  • 2008 October 21,, “Re: Stephen Harper finally does something good in 2008 by admitting another 240,000 to 265,000 immigrants and refugees”, in, Usenet[4]:
    Now the Zionists in the EU have a secret plan for 52 million Africans to run around, basically the JEW elite wants to wipe out whitey, maybe Auld boob is a Jew himself, at least a freemason, so ready to sell out his own people, this Zionist creep is emblematic representation of what the Jewsmedia propaganda says is a proper Canadian; a snivelling arrogant worm kowtowing to Loxism while angrily deriding his own people, those he considers himself to be above due to accident of birth.
  • 2008 April 18, Its all a bit strange (quoting another user), “Re: I Like This Jewess!”, in alt.revisionism, Usenet[5]:
    > Your loxism is showing.
  • 2009 March 17,, “Strangers on a Train”, in, Usenet[6]:
    Jones is a Traditionalist Catholic, Linder an atheist and avowed opponent of "loxism", and I am a nontheist who does not philosophically like monotheism in any form whether you call your monopolist-of-divinity Jesus, Allah, Yahweh or Hitler (or Stalin or Obama or.....any other name).
  • 2012 May 24,, “Re: RIP, who's next ?”, in, Usenet[7]:
    The loxism evident in your posts is breathtaking.