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Noun: "Korean comics"Edit

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  • 2004, Christopher Hart, Manhwa Mania: How to Draw Korean Comics, Watson-Guptill Publications (2004), →ISBN, page 7:
    In fact, many manga fans don't realize that their favorite comics — such as Priest, Ragnarock, and Island — are actually Korean manhwa!
  • 2007, Jason Thompson, Manga: The Complete Guide, Del Rey (2007), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    Since the Korean language reads left to right (unlike Chinese and Japanese), manhwa are printed left to right in the same format as English books.
  • 2008, Mark James Russell, Pop Goes Korea: Behind the Revolution in Movies, Music, and Internet Culture, Stone Bridge Press (2008), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    As the best Japanese titles were mined, the American companies began to look for alternatives, and Tokyopop's founder Stuart Levy already had a budding interest in Korean manhwa.
  • 2012, Kim Se-joon, "Manhwa: A Boundless Treasure Trove of Cultural Content", Koreana, Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 2012:
    There is a virtual flood of manhwa varieties that cover not only academic subjects such as literature, history, and science, but also everything from Korean and foreign legends and myths to daily-life skills.