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English citations of marcesce

(rare) to become or be marcescentEdit

  • 1847, William Griffith, Posthumous Papers Bequeathed to the Hon. East India Company, and Printed by Order of the Government of Bengal: Notulae Ad Plantas Asiaticas. I, page 195:
    After expansion, and when the perianth has marcesced, the foramen is more arilloid, and much less open; even now the apex of the second coat projects slightly. No change worth mentioning has occurred in the nucleus.
  • 2002, Michael P. Cuddy, Ruvin Gekker, Institutional Change in Transition Economies (Ashgate Pub Limited):
    These were largely opportunities for asset stripping and rent extraction through arbitrage against the irrational price system and the exploitation of special favors/licenses and subsidies from the marcescing state.