English citations of pittie

Noun: "(informal, affectionate) a pit bull terrier" edit

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  • 2010, "Pet of the Week: Bella", Pennywise, 16 November 2010, page 34:
    All kidding aside, I do mean that I am a pittie Cross, and with this breed come certain responsibilities.
  • 2012, Marta Acosta, Dark Companion, page 33:
    I was used to slammed doors, rumbling buses, shouting, snarling pitties, police sirens, []
  • 2012, Mariah Morgan-Perez, "Pit Bulls' Bad Rap", Spring 2012, FC Torch Magazine, page 49:
    [] In LA people go to the shelter and adopt a pittie but they don't understand about them and where they came from.” Says[sic] Williams.
  • 2014, Ellen Cooney, The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances, page 247:
    Maybe he'd want a signal from me that he should rush to the carrier and retrieve a pittie on his own— a small one, alive, our new class pet.
  • 2015, Sara Ernest, "Love in Rescue", Quorum, August 2015, page 6:
    Lori and I rescued a pittie from a local rescue organization and our lives have never been the same.
  • 2015, Mary Owen, "More than just a dog rescue", Northwest Boomer & Senior News, November 2015, page 9:
    “Carissa Vela, also a pittie advocate and wife and mother of two young boys, does our applications and fosters for us,” Graham adds.
  • 2017, Patricia Noland, "Do not condemn pit bulls because of human mismanagement" (letter to the editor), St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 18 April 2017, page A11:
    Not every dog who looks like a pit bull, has a big head or is muscular is a pittie.
  • 2018, Roni Robbins, "Jewish Pet Rescuers Find a Heartfelt Calling", Atlanta Jewish Times, 29 June 2018, page 12:
    "My first dog was what people now refer to as a 'pittie mix' []
  • 2019, Alicia Doyle, "To the Rescue", Ventura Country Reporter, 21 February 2019, page 9:
    Events like these can be a bit overwhelming, "so we'll have a special chill out spot where folks can sit or knit with a pit, featuring pit bull mixes from Ventura County Animal Services. We'll have yarn and crochet needles for guests eager to make a sweater for a pittie," she adds.