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Citations:pull a Homer

English citations of pull a Homer

  • 1991 October 17, The Simpsons, episode 40, as shown on screen
    1. American bonehead.
    2. Pull a Homer --
    to succeed despite idiocy.
  • 1994 February 28, Gordon Craick, “Re: Alltime greatest?”,
    I'd usually continue this on private email, but others might wish to "pull a homer" and join in...
  • 1999, Dion Turner, “Re: Is this a sign ?”,, Usenet
    Like when Magic Johnson tripped and missed the shot in the basketball game, but slid into the cheerleaders. In essence 'pulling a Homer'[.]
  • 2000 February 15, Geoff Dias, “Re: FF7: Safe Combination”,, Usenet
    iCeM@n: I'm doing something of Homer Simpson-like stupidy am I not?
    Geoff Dias: Yep, you're pulling a Homer. You're thinking WAY too much for this.
  • 2000 July 24, Riboflavin D. Monkey, “Re: Time-travelling discrepancies”,, Usenet
    Anyway, I might go to the Def Leppard concert and pull a Homer. [If] you've ever seen the episode where the Simpsons go to the county fair, you'll know what I'm talking about.
  • 2001 The New Yorker, Volume 77, Issues 1-5, p50
    Too many analysts pulled a Homer, while others got caught up in the prediction racket, focussing their energies on issuing stock-price targets and earnings estimates.
  • 2002 February 17, Mark Longmuir, “Re: Who the F**K can Australia BRAG about that Winter Olympic Gold Medal !”,,, and aus.dvd, Usenet
    But to pull a Homer you need to be responsible for the idiocy yourself.
  • 2003 June 12, Linda “UtterlyLinda”, “Re: What's in your...”,, Usenet
    I catch myself thinking I could get him a Nickel Creek CD for Father's Day, but realizing I'd be pulling a Homer. (around our house Simpson's comparisons are frequent, and the episode where Homer got Marge a bowling ball for her birthday (with Homer engraved on it) is a classic.)