English citations of ramset

Noun: large nail or bolt fired or fixed into hard materials edit

  • 1979, unlisted author, The South Australian State Reports, volume 9, page 283:
    That fastening, as is clear from the evidence of those witnesses, is done with a ramset gun and it requires considerable effort to remove the ramsets which require to be jemmied up with a hammer and jemmy bar []
  • 1996/09/19, Pete Goudreau, “Tiptoes - making speaker stands”, in rec.audio.high-end[1] (Usenet):
    Try using Ramsets, they are available at hardware stores and are essentially concrete nails that flare out to a 1/4-20 threaded section at the end opposite the point.
  • 2000/04/16, Susan Frase, “Re: "Oh. That's all it is."”, in rec.pets.dogs.behavior[2] (Usenet):
    22 crimped blanks sold as ramsets from Home Depot, in 4 different colors, yellow the loudest, green next and a coulpe other less than those, $4.95 a hundred
  • 1999/07/26, STJ28, “Re: bare concrete walls .. ?”, in rec.crafts.metalworking[3] (Usenet):
    If moisture is not a problem you might look at heavy duty construction adhesive and use the ramsets to hold while it sets.
  • 2010/02/10, -, “Re: desiging for a Haiti scale earthquake”, in alt.architecture[4] (Usenet):
    Anchor strapping to pilings with (8) .357 16d x 1" ramsets.

Verb: to fire such a fastening edit

  • 1964, unlisted author, Board of Contract appeals decisions, volume 64, page 685:
    [] . If you elect ramsetting into the stone, it is your responsibility to prevent damage to the stone.”
  • 1975, P. F. Walsh, The Design of Residential Slabs-on-Ground, CSIRO, page 14:
    To prevent subsequent damage by ramsetting, the coils or cables should have a minimum of 50 mm cover.
  • 1980, William J. Jewell, Anaerobic fermentation of agricultural residue: potential for improvement and implementation : final report, volume 2, Cornell University, page 148:
    It was felt that since the ramsetting of the steel bars to the digester wall had failed, a new system was required.