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English citations of ruinism

Destruction and catastropheEdit

    • 1880, T. B. Cauldwell, Wisconsin Baptist anniversaries[1], page 113:
      Ignorance, cast, and superstition abound in the south; Unitarianism and socialism in the east; Mormonism, Anarchism, and Romanism in the west; a stupendous race problem in the north; and ruinism both north and south and east and west.
    • 1995, Vladislav Todorov, Red Square, Black Square: Organon for Revolutionary Imagination[2], page 182:
      ALCHEMY OF DECAY AND RUINISM The post-communist prophets hone their sharp ironies, herald the coming of doomsday, draw apocalyptic visions.
    • 1997, Paul Rabinow, Architecture of fear (review on cover)[3], page 322:
      This important collection tracks the myriad forms of defensible spaces, from simple walls to phantasmagoric 'neo-ruinism.'