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  • snowboarding: - Feb 23 1984, 3:21 pm by p...
    Anybody out there familiar with "snowboarding"? It's seems to be really catching on here in CO. Basically, it's like surfing, except when you fall you get both wet and cold.
  • snowboards: - Mar 3 1984, 3:15 am by Lawrence M. Lifshitz
    I have not seen the "snowboards" but there is something similar based upon windsurfers (a surf board with a sail on it, definitely something to try!). skis are attached under the board and the person stands on top of the board.
  • snowboard: - Dec 12 1984, 12:42 pm by DavisRB
    Last winter, I saw the snowboard for the first time on a small ski lift in Oregon called "Willamette Pass."
  • Snow Boards: - Feb 17 1986, 4:32 pm by Pat Chewning
    Snow Boards -- cross between skiing and skateboarding
  • snowboarder, snowboarders, snowboarder's: - Feb 18 1986, 7:27 am by Paul Sweazey
    You just can't be a casual snowboarder. You are working every second.
    In ice, precise control is very difficult, so the better snowboarders just give up and barrel straight down the fall line.
    There were tentative plans of a snowboarder's liscencing program at Timberline on Mt. Hood, and so far only Timberline, Mt. Hood Meadows, and Mt. Bachelor are allowing snowboarders at all.
  • snow boarders: rec.skiing - Dec 20 1989, 6:15 pm by Glen Baker
    As yet we don't really have enough statistics to indicate whether or not the snow boarders have a higher per-capita injury rate than the skiers, but the injuries themselves seem to be quite similar (i.e. mostly knee injuries followed by the usual thumb/shoulder/etc stuff).
  • snow-board: rec.skiing - Dec 21 1989, 5:07 pm by Erik Wettersten
    Remember that there is a minimum speed below which a snow-board does not turn (except by 'throwing). ...this is part of the reason learning is tough, can't learn by doing slow turns working your way up to fast turns...
  • snow-boarder, snow-boards: - Jan 6 1990, 1:52 am by RobinsonB
    AHA! One of the snow-boarder-squids posts. Actually, I have nothing against snow-boards; well, maybe just one little thing: unless a snow-boarder has excellent abilities, they tend to slide down the hill sideways, thus skinning the snow off of the hard-pack (read: "ICE").
  • snow board: rec.skiing - Feb 23 1990, 5:16 am by Russ Muzzolini
    I am looking to buy a snow board and am wondering what a good price for new or used board would be.
  • snow-boarding: rec.skiing - Feb 23 1990, 7:40 pm by Eric T. Anderson
    We'd never tried snow-boarding before and there were no instructors around.
  • snow boarder: rec.skiing - Mar 21 1990, 11:11 pm by Tom Harper
    If I have one more snow boarder cut me off because they are turning to their blind side without checking what my line is, I may not change my line.
  • snow-boarders: rec.skiing - Oct 31 1990, 9:20 am by Wayne Trzyna
    My opinion is that snow-boarders trash a powder slope faster than an equivalent number of skiers.
  • snow boarding: rec.skiing - Nov 13 1990, 6:05 am by Stephen Styer
    If so please let me know about how you felt about it, especially as compared to snow boarding.
  • snow-board's: rec.skiing - Jan 18 1993, 6:26 pm by J S Bach
    Hey snowboarders/rave-goers, what's a good brand for snow-board's performance?
  • snowboard's: rec.skiing - Feb 28 1994, 10:53 am by Hugh Grierson
    There are some skis around now with sidecuts much like a snowboard's. I wouldn't rush out to buy them though.
  • snowboarding's: rec.skiing.snowboard - Aug 10 1994, 1:08 pm by Stig-Snowboard UK Mag
    I don't care if snowboarding's used to sell Dunkin' Donuts or Junk Bonds, just make sure it looks good.
  • snow boarder's: rec.skiing.alpine - Nov 18 1996, 11:01 pm by suzana noble
    i am a skier & i cant understand why people like you want to slag off snow boarder's we all enjoy the same thing so why fight ?

Hippietrail 14:47, 13 May 2005 (UTC)