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English citations of thizz

Noun: "(US, California, slang, African American Vernacular) MDMA; Ecstasy"Edit

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  • 2005 — Eric K. Arnold, "Hyphy vs. Thizzin'", East Bay Express, 2 November 2005:
    To do the "thizzle dance," then, is to dance around while making the "thizz face" -- a Bay Area variant of the Jamaican "screwface" that mimics the facial gesticulations of a person on Ecstasy.
  • 2006 — Paul Farhi, "Ghost-Riding: Brake-Dancing With Zip Under the Hood", Washington Post, section C, page 1, 2006 December 27:
    Hyphy (derived from "hyperactive") is also bass-heavy hip-hop music that celebrates things such as "thizz" (the drug Ecstasy); "scrapers," which are large, late-'80s domestic makes like Buick LeSabres and Oldsmobile Cutlasses; and oversize sunglasses, called "stunner shades."
  • 2008 — Jody Gehrman, Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, Dial Books (2008), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    "This here's the smoking room. Next door's for Jell-O shots, and next to that's where you get your thizz."
  • 2008 — Joseph R. Sims, Skeletons, iUniverse (2008), →ISBN, page 23:
    "We've got thizz!" Alexis shot me a look to see if it was okay that she'd mentioned it.
  • 2009 — Joe Lambe, "Illegal drugs such as Ecstasy showing up as cartoon-shaped pills in KC", The Kansas City Star, 28 June 2009:
    Dealers there call Ecstasy Thizz and market it to minors, the DEA warned.
  • 2010 — Damien Morgan, Hip Hop Had A Dream: Vol. 1: The Artful Movement, AuthorHouse (2010), →ISBN, page 165:
    The late Andre Hicks AKA Mac Dre (the purveyor of thizz culture), is considered one of the pioneers of the hyphy music movement.

Verb: "(US, California, slang, African American Vernacular) to get high from the drug MDMA (Ecstasy)"Edit

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  • 2006 — Todd Inoue, "Keak Da Sneak", Vibe, May 2006:
    Hyphy music acts as an accelerant to the indigenous Oakland culture, which is marked by vehicular abuse (spinning figure eights, ghostriding, scraping), wild dancing, and for some, chemical overindulgence ("thizzin'" or being wacked out on X), and generally acting a fool.
  • 2006 — Eric K. Arnold, "Dumbed Down", Vibe, July 2006:
    Similarly, some members of the Bay's black community, who feel that goin' dumb isn't particularly smart, have compared thizzin' (taking Ecstasy) to the crack epidemic.
  • 2007Pharmacology Quick-Study Guide for Smartphones and Mobile Devices, (2007), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    Taking MDMA or ecstasy is commonly referred to as [] "flipping", "getting chewed" and/or "murfing" in Canada or "thizzing" in Northern California.
  • 2007 — Rachel Swan, "Mistah F. A. B.", Vibe, May 2007:
    F. A. B. has long toed the line between thizzing MC and soul-bearing[sic] artist — []
  • 2008 — Jody Gehrman, Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, Dial Books (2008), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    "Good evening, mamacitas," Dog said with a lazy smile. "You looking for smoking, thizzing, Jello-O, or sixty-nine?"
  • 2010 — Randria Godbolt, SubMISSive, AuthorHouse (2010), →ISBN, page 25:
    Unlike thizzin' off a skittle, something inside of you has an urge to boost your high which never really happens, but as long as the power is in reach you have the drive to keep chasin'.
  • 2010 — Mickey Hess, Hip Hop in America: A Regional Guide: Volume 1: East Coast and West Coast, Greenwood Press (2010), →ISBN, page 283:
    With Hyphy's tendency to celebrate getting "stupid doo-doo dumb," thizzin' has come to contribute to the notably unpretentious nature of the genre.