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  • 2014, Dan Irving, Rupert Raj, Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader, Canadian Scholars’ Press (→ISBN), page 247:
    Our work emerges from historical and contemporary needs within segments of trans and gay communities. Lou Sullivan, a gay trans male activist whose provocative statement opens our piece, fought for visibility ...
  • 2016, Tobias Raun, Out Online: Trans Self-Representation and Community Building on YouTube, Routledge (→ISBN), page 61:
    His [Carson's] vlogs offer another representation of trans male identity than the representation that dominates on YouTube; thus, his self-presentation is much more feminized and ambiguous than what is typically enacted and claimed among other medically transitioning trans male vloggers
  • 2019, Genny Beemyn, Trans People in Higher Education, SUNY Press (→ISBN), page 198:
    In these narratives, we see the ways that traditional sexism and heterosexism can sometimes manifest in trans male communities, because so often the models for what it means to be male are hegemonic constructions of manhood ...


  • 2019, Rachel Ann Heath Ph.D., Katie Wynne Ph.D., A Guide to Transgender Health: State-of-the-art Information for Gender-Affirming People and Their Supporters, ABC-CLIO (→ISBN), page 36:
    So, prior to hormonetherapy, trans males showed evidence of subcortical gray matter masculinization, whereas there was feminization of brain cortical thickness in trans women.