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English citations of transdimensional

(science fiction):

  • 2004 Stephanie H. Meyer, John Meyer, "Teen ink: written in the dirt-- - Page 210"
    I had been funneled through a transdimensional vortex, I didn't realize.
  • 2009 Lee E. Fuller, Jr., "The Lonely Sun - Page 27"
    The only information about what type of research conducted there states that it has to do with trans-dimensional inference.
  • 2010 G. L. Eikenberry, "The Centre for the Study of Non-human Intelligence - Page 88"
    "Right, I'm sure Harry Weinstein actually would empty his bank account if I introduced him to you and told him you were a trans-dimensional being ..."
  • 2010 Derrick G. Lindsey, "Watchers of the Rainbow Covenant - Page 270"
    There's a blinding blue glow resulting from an instantaneous build up of a trans-dimensional dispersion field around the weapon on his wrist.


  • 2009 Demetris Lamnisos et al, "Transdimensional Sampling Algorithms for Bayesian Variable Selection in Classification Problems With Many More Variables Than Observations" Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
    The effectiveness of this proposal is linked to the form of the marginalization scheme when updating the model and we propose a new efficient implementation of the automatic generic transdimensional algorithm of Green (2003).
  • 2010 Delia Schwartz-Perlov, Alexander Vilenkin, "Measures for a Transdimensional Multiverse" arXiv
    We find that a straightforward extension of scale factor cutoff to the transdimensional case gives a measure that strongly disfavors large amounts of slow-roll inflation and predicts low values for the density parameter Ω, in conflict with observations.
  • 2010 S. Pandolfi et al, "A generalized Multiple-try Metropolis version of the Reversible Jump algorithm" arXiv
    Moreover, we extend these results by showing the implementation of an efficient transdimensional algorithm for challenging model selection problems.
  • 2012 Michael G. Endres, "Transdimensional equivalence of universal constants from universal Fermi gases" arXiv
  • 2012 Aaron F. McDaid et al, "Clustering in networks with the collapsed Stochastic Block Model" arXiv
    Sampling from this posterior is simpler than from the original SBM as transdimensional MCMC can be avoided.