English citations of ushe, uzh, uzhe, yoozh, youzh, and yuzh

Adjective & Noun: usualEdit

  • 2007 September 27, The Mirthful Interloper, “...far beyond the northern sea...”, in alt.religion.kibology, Usenet[1]:
    Hey Rachel, there are other d00dz in here to whom you could pledge your forever Sally Ann-dom. Per uzhe, women flock to the guy who's already taken.
  • [2009 March 20, Shawn Levy, “Movie Review: A Fine Bromance: "I Love You, Man"”, in The Oregonian[2]:
    Peter's fumbling attempts to match Sydney's effortless use of invented slang is a worthy running joke: "totally" becomes "totes magotes," "the usual" becomes "the uzhe," and Sydney is nearly saddled with the meaningless nickname "Jabon."]
  • [2011 July 6, R.L.G., “The "ushe"”, in The Economist: Johnson[3]:
    That is, until we have to shorten it to "the ushe" to talk like a hipster. This calls for improvising when we spell, with no rules of the road to guide us. "The ushe" is a bit hard to decipher. "The uzhe" might be clearer for some, but for others even worse, since we've lost the -s- entirely by then.]
  • [2012 January 23, R.L.G., “The abbrevs are my plezh”, in The Economist: Johnson[4]:
    Here they are, with International Phonetic Alphabet symbols, and an English approximation:
    ʒ or "zh": plezh ("my plezh", my pleasure), uzhe ("the uzhe", the usual), cazh ("totes cazh", very casual) []
  • 2015, Mark Z. Danielewski, The Familiar, volume 3: Honeysuckle & Pain, New York, NY: Pantheon Books, →ISBN, page 392:
    Morning was the uzhe, quiet until around noon, and then Xanther's phone had started blowing up, text after with her text, just dringadrong dringadrong.
  • 2017 Summer, Suzanne Shaw, “Class Notes: ’91”, in Tuck Today, volume 48, number 1, Hanover, NH: Tuck School of Business, page 86:
    As you may recall, I sent out two requests for information. The first was the uzhe—please send me updates to your life or news to share.
  • 2018 November 16, Tristan Greene, “Mark Zuckerberg really wants you to know he reads the New York Times”, in The Next Web[5]:
    The scandal, for those who don’t read the New York Times: Facebook went full-Bannon and hired an opposition research company to smear some of its opponents with a targeted media campaign that bordered on anti-semitic. You know, the uzhe.
  • 2019 November 20, “2019 Turkey Awards”, in Fort Worth Weekly[6]:
    In between times, he did what Texas Republicans do: voted against mandatory HPV vaccinations for sixth-grade girls, tried to block a smoking ban, forced sonograms on women seeking abortions, supported corporal punishment in schools, you know, the uzhe.
  • 2014 November 16, Matt Vella, “The Walking Dead Watch: ‘Consumed’”, in TIME[7]:
    You know, the usge.
  • 1914, G. B. Stern, See-Saw, London: Hutchinson & Co., published 1931, page 208:
    “So long, Nap! Come over the road after your turn to-morrow, as per ush.”
    . . . “And that,” reflected the Person, stepping into her landaulette,“ ought to about cook his goose. []
  • 2013 December 2, Shannon Ray, “How to Get Hair So Glossy It Might Blind a Bitch”, in Allure[8]:
    If this were last year, I totally would have called this post "Hair That Shines Bright Like a Diamond," but as per ush, my ass is a day late and a dollar short. Either way, I've got some supersimpleton tips to get locks so shiny and glossy that they will inspire a new fairy tale entitled "Glossy Locks."
  • 2016 March 21, Mark Cuenco, “Kylie Lip Kit Restock Is Happening, Guys”, in Bustle[9]:
    It seems that the latest color Kourt K will be sold later this month, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to grab one of the other colors [] . As per ush, these sold-out products will be available for purchase exclusively on the Kylie Cosmetics site, but not for long.
  • 1997, Bruce LaBruce, The Reluctant Pornographer, Gutter Press, →ISBN, page 33:
    Kitty and Anouk start making out on the pool table as per ushe until a girl comes over and punches Kitty in the nose for spilling her drink on the green velvet.
  • [2011 July 6, R.L.G., “The "ushe"”, in The Economist: Johnson[10]:
    That is, until we have to shorten it to "the ushe" to talk like a hipster. This calls for improvising when we spell, with no rules of the road to guide us. "The ushe" is a bit hard to decipher. "The uzhe" might be clearer for some, but for others even worse, since we've lost the -s- entirely by then.]
  • 2016 October 4, Carly Cardellino, “This Caboodle-Like Kit for Grown-Ups Will Change the Way You Do Your Makeup Forever”, in Cosmopolitan[11]:
    Moving right along, the dynamic duo also created a twistable mascara, $23, which allows you to coat your lashes as per ushe with a straight brush, and then twist the base of the lid so the brush bends for an angled application.
  • 2017 June 26, Patrick Smith, “All of the Best Performances from the 2017 BET Awards”, in Complex[12]:
    As per ushe, Bruno Mars delivered a masterful performance. Singing his way through his most recent single “Perm,” Mars donned a throwback baseball jersey.
  • 2018 October 30, Ian J. Ball, “Re: Today's premieres and other notes (Tuesday, Oct. 30)”, in, Usenet[13]:
    [> You've brought us only tricks and no treats!]
    As per ushe!!
  • 2019 November 19, Javier Hasse, “Goldilocks And The Three Bears: Report Shows CBD Products Often Have Too Much Or Too Little CBD”, in Forbes[14]:
    As per ushe, The Simpsons put it better than anyone else: “If you cut every corner, it is really not so bad. Everybody does it, even mom and dad. If nobody sees it, then nobody gets mad.”
  • 2019 March 24, Stephanie March, “The Long Weekend Approacheth”, in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine[15]:
    How do you not get over there? Plate and a pint is $17 and you have no propane to buy nor dishes to do. Plus, MN Hurricanes, jambalaya, face painting, the uszh.
  • 2020 January 20, Erin Meanley Glenny, “Peace and Quiet at Pelican Hill”, in San Diego Magazine[16]:
    I had but a moment to dwell on those feelings—and the beauty of our bungalow with a fireplace, wood-beam ceilings, and an ocean-view terrace—because, as per uszh, my husband and I were late for our 6-on-a-Friday dinner reservation.
  • 1998 August 29, Evil Prince, “wRASP...makes you go "Hmmmmm......"”, in rec.models.rockets, Usenet[17]:
    I have a LOC Graduator with a 38mm motor mount that weighs 16.25 oz. unladen (chute, Nomex, shock cord, the uzh...) According to wRASP, it would fly 2576 ft with an H220 at 400' base alt. at 72F with a BP of 29.92 .
  • 2001 June 12, Gene Costanza, “Re: Congrats To METRA's L3 flights - Gene / Brian / Jeff”, in rec.models.rockets, Usenet[18]:
    Yeah, between blabs, lessee, pound liners in, fish projects out of trees over irrigation ditches, the uzh...
  • 2016, Cathy J. Lueers, Victory Lane: A Korean War Veteran's Journey Through the VA,, →ISBN, page 18:
    “How did you sleep last night, dad?” I asked, surmising he had been in that chair for quite some time. “Oh, you know, the uzh” which was short for “the usual”.
  • 1997 September 7, BTH, “ASSC: Chez Paree SF Highlights, 09/05/97”, in, Usenet[19]:
    1015pm, dinnertime. P&Ps. Vissi already ate. IRL comes to keep me company. Fave waitress Bridget gets me "the yooj" (my usual). IRL does the "Jailhouse Special" (bread and water only).
  • 1997 October 7, John Cross, “ASSC: It's tuesday and JohnCross remembers just hanging out is cool - Warning this has Snaggy content”, in, Usenet[20]:
    Night shift is slow to form. This is one worried SnaggyPL - do any of my friends still work here? I am sitting nursing the yooj and waiting. In walks Ashley and some pressure is off.
  • 1997 October 14, BTH, “ASSC: Chez Paree SF Highlights, 10/11/97”, in, Usenet[21]:
    10pm and dinnertime... the P&P steak routine. I procure my fave "red dog" bar table and waitress Bridget takes my order for the "yooj", er "yoojes" (i.e., New York, New York). DEVON arrives moments later.
  • 2002 May 30, Zsa Zsa, “Re: Poor Old Sandy”, in, Usenet[22]:
    [> Or was it stilts she's fond of? ;-)]
    (whispers) your wit is wasted on me as per yooj, i don't geddit :o/
  • 2003 July 14, Zsa Zsa, “Re: unfit parents”, in, Usenet[23]:
    [> Well, I didn't get to sing any songs today. I bet she's got the week off, or was just topping up her tan for the day :)]
    Hopefully the latter, and it'll be songs as per yooj tomorrow :o)) I bet you were all primed up for it this morning as well - aren't the fates cruel bastards ;o))
  • 2019 October 7, “A Week In Winnipeg, MB, On A $100,000 Salary”, in Refinery29[24]:
    6 a.m. — I'm up from my two-hour nap (today will be interesting). I do the yooj: shower, hair, makeup, get dressed, walk dog, listen to The Daily.
  • 2001 May 29, Minnesota Fats, “Re: Question-Mart”, in, Usenet[25]:
    I have no "in" anymore... coming up with measurements every week has been tough! No one to steal notes from Conan's desk for me! But now, it's back to the "yoosh", right? Janus is here, woohoo!
  • 1998 September 3, infamous, “ASSC: CP 8/29/98”, in, Usenet[26]:
    Good thing the kitchen didn't close until 10:30, since we got there about five after. Bubba had his 'yoozh', and I had spaghetti. We spent half the meal talking about the History of the ASS-C World, and the other half talking good ol' fashioned geek talk.
  • 2008 April 6, Joe Marusak, “[?]”, in The Charlotte Observer:
    "What's up, Paul, you want the yoozh?" barista Allison Dahl asked as he approached the counter on Friday, meaning did he want his usual.
  • [2009 May 21, William Safire, “Abbreve That Template”, in The New York Times Magazine[27]:
    Today, the fave (for “favorite”) abbreves are obvi (a shortening of “Thank you, Captain Obvious”) and belig (a clipping of “belligerent,” retaining the soft g). Nobody in the young-barflies crowd orders “the usual”; it’s the yoozh.]
  • [2011 July 6, R.L.G., “The "ushe"”, in The Economist: Johnson[28]:
    "The ushe" is short for "the usual". But the shortening requires a respelling to get the right sound (which I expect is "the yoozh".)]
  • 2013, Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge, New York, NY: Penguin Books, →ISBN, page unknown:
    “Seasonal. Passover, Easter week, NCAA playoffs, St. Patrick's on a Saturday, da yoozh, not a problem, Reg—so what have we got here, a matrimonial?” Some call this brusque, and it has lost Maxine some business.
  • 2016 September 21, “On the Town: Drink with Real Fort Worthians”, in Fort Worth Weekly, page 133:
    Decades ago, a “real” Fort Worthian probably worked in meat packing or oil and gas. Today, with our world-class museums and vibrant underground arts scene, coupled with the strong, perhaps overly persistent presence of our past, he or she probably hangs out at “the yoozh.” [The Usual]
  • 2017 August 28, Glen Weldon, “'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Finale: 'We've Been Here For Some Time'”, in NPR[29]:
    It's mostly Littlefinger doing the plotting, per yoozh.
  • 2017, Rob Reid, After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley, New York, NY: Del Rey Books, →ISBN, page unknown:
    “I got you the yoozh,” Danna adds, handing him a chilled Imperial Eagle (an ancient bourbon, plus magical ingredients including Averna, ginger syrup, and egg white). They clink glasses.
  • 2017 August 28, Dhriti Datta, “Pokémon Sword: The Nostalgia-Inducing Franchise Returns”, in Digit[30]:
    In the storyline, you start off at home with your mom (absentee dad as per yoozh) in a sleepy village named Postwick, when your friendly rival and best friend, Hop, tells you that the all-powerful, ‘unbeatable’ Champion of the Galar region, Leon, who is also Hop’s brother, is coming home soon.
  • 2020 February 6, Marisa Heung, Stacey Makiya, Brie Thalmann, Katrina Valcourt, “A Special Valentine’s Day Taste Test: We Tried 8 Sugarfina Cocktail Gummies”, in Honolulu[31]:
    Giving chocolates on V-Day is the yoozh. We wanted to explore more exciting sweets for your sweet that would arouse them, in a PG way.
  • 2013 March 18, “What the OK! Editors Hope to See in 'Girls' Seaon 3”, in OK! USA[32]:
    Well well well. Who knew that last night's Girls season 2 finale would have a rom-com ending? Certainly not us here at OK!. But regardless, the episode was full of sex, full of snark and full of surprises, as per youge, and we have a few feelings based on what went down last night.
  • [2008 June 13, Jett Karma, “OT: Political, as Per Usual”, in, Usenet[33]:
    How would you spell "youzh?" You know...short for usual. I've battled that demon for a while now. I give up. I leave it to minds more twisted than my own--of which I know I can find plenty, right here on ampj. :)]
  • 2017 January 22, Paul Turner, “The Slice: Slush and the soul of a city”, in The Spokesman-Review[34]:
    “The only place I get ‘the usual’ is at my hair stylist’s,” wrote Vince Eberly. “I have been going to the same hair cutter, Tina McGovern, for 25-ish years and have followed her from salon to salon. The conversation always starts with ‘the yuzh?’ The answer is always yes, and by the end of the session, I always look great.”
  • 2019 November 29, Tech2 News Staff, “Facebook, Instagram, Messenger are now back up after the global outrage”, in Firstpost[35]:
    Obviously, Facebook and its products being down means a lot of yuzh Twitter spam about it.