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English citations of vajazzled

Adjective: "(slang) having the vulva and/or pubic area decorated with jewelsEdit

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  • 2010 — Tiffany O'Callaghan, "Bedazzling… below the belt?", Time, 5 March 2010:
    As for any potential hazards posed by em, dislodged crystals, Merrill-Nach said that would likely be a bigger issue for romantic partners than for the "vajazzled" lady.
  • 2011 — "Amy Childs Pops Out For A Tipple", Daily Star (UK), 4 January 2011:
    With her ample bouncing badboys trying to make a bid for freedom, the vajazzled babe finally stumbled out in the wee hours and was so battered she had to be lifted into a cab. Good skills.
  • 2011 — Rachel Shabi & Laura Liddell, "Visitors find the only way is the Other Essex", The Independent, 20 March 2011:
    For a television show to depict Essex as a world of white stilettos, vajazzled women and monosyllabic men is hardly revelatory; after all everyone has heard the age-old jokes about the mental aptitude of the county's female population.
  • 2011 — "Step aside Vajazzler, the Pejazzler comes to town!", Dallas Voice, 25 May 2011:
    Then again, as a lesbian, maybe I’m not the one to judge (although I think a vajazzled va-jay-jay would get the same response from me.)
  • 2012 — Angharad Llewellyn, "It's J.Lo(ve) Hewitt as actress copies singer's body stocking look", The Sun (UK), 23 March 2012:
    Jen even admitted she loves the treatment so much she makes sure to be vajazzled at all times.