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English citations of walrii

  • 1875: J. Briggs, Contributions to the Pen and Pencil Club, page 18 (J. Bale & sons)
    Though lord of both the fowl and brute,
     My schemes to catch them, work ill;
    And three she-walrii constitute
     My social Arctic circle.
  • 2000, September 19th: Tia Mary-remove nekoluvr to reply, rec.crafts.textiles.needlework (Google group): OT: Collections was To Victoria - Giraffes, 8:00am
    I collect walrii (*my* plural of walrus) because DH looks (and sometimes acts) like one -- LOL! Of course there is the cat thing but that is just because I love kittycats. Anyway, I must have close to 500 walrii by now and always looking for more.