Citations:what the fuck


English citations of what the fuck

Expressing nonchalance about the consequences of something one is about to do; why not; who cares; so what.
1960, Carlos Fuentes, Where the Air is Clear: A Novel, p. 149:
  • Even dogs know the neighborhood better than you do, so what the fuck, you just follow.
1972, R. Serge Denisoff, the sounds of social change, p. 255:
  • But what the fuck, let's face it. I want to live good. I want to make some money; I want a car, you know. How long can you fight it?
1973, Chandler Brossard, Did Christ Make Love?: A Novel, p. 36:
  • One of the boys on the street—-the immutable, time-stopped leaners in doorways, standers on the street with hands on hips or in pockets, gazers, like hidden ghost figures, after walking girls—-had told him what a pushover queers were, so he thought, what the fuck, why not; partly because at the time he had no choice, unless he wanted to eat out of garbage cans and sleep in the back seat of parked cars...
1991, Randy Wayne White, Sanibel Flats, p. 47:
  • My master's was in world history, but I figured what the fuck, why not shoot for enlightenment?
1991, Mary Robison, Subtraction, p. 100:
  • The kid thought the Atlantic was like a freeway - chancy, but, what the fuck, let's go.
1995, Martin Huxley, Aerosmith: The Fall and the Rise of Rock's Greatest Band:
  • I figured, What the fuck, let's go back to the kids again.
1997, Donald Goines, Daddy Cool, p. 115:
  • So what the fuck, let's act like real painters.”
2001, Brian Thacker, Rule No.5: No Sex on the Bus: Confessions of a Tour Leader, p. 91:
  • At the ripe old age of 78, he thought, What the fuck? I'll take up skiing.
2001, Rene Guenon, The Symbolism of the Cross, p. 116:
  • Well, what the fuck. Let's go for a little ride.
2003, Erin Runions, How Hysterical: Identification and Resistance in the Bible and Film, p. 141:
  • And whatever, if you just happen to get a little blow job out of it, hey, what the fuck, why not?
2004, Michael Turner, The Pornographer's Poem, p. 79:
  • Fortunately John sensed our discomfort, because he quickly turned to Penny and said, “Aw, what the fuck — let's just make it a foursome.” And Penny agreed.
2006, James Hunt, Into This House We're Born p. 128:
  • Like Jim said, it'll probably be our last gig anyway, so what the fuck? Let's go out with a bang!"