English citations of withal

1533 1601 1843
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  • preposition
    • 1533: Desiderius Erasmus, A Playne and Godly Exposytion Or Declaration of the Commune Crede: (which in the Latin Tonge is Called Symbolum Apostolorum) and of the X Commaundementes of Goddes Law page 168 - The false accuser and the pykequarel, in stede of a swerd, of a darte, and of poyson, vseth his tong to kyll men withal.
    • 1600-1602: Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2 - You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal: except my life, except my life, except my life.
  • adverb
    • 1843 The condition of England is justly regarded as one of the most ominous, and withal one of the strangest, ever seen in this world. Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, book 1, ch. 1, Midas
    • 1843 This Jocelin, as we can discern well, was an ingenious and ingenuous, a cheery-hearted, innocent, yet withal shrewd, noticing, quick-witted man. Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, book 2, ch. 1, Jocelin of Brakelond