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  1. (Internet slang) Don't believe everything you read.
    • 2000, Netrunner, in [1]
      Then there is the WP. And of course rumours and hearsay about various other versions that may or may not have actually been shown in cinemas, (but DBEYR).
    • 2001, Abe Watson, in [2]
      O BTW!! Greg MacLean made a believer out of most of the so called pros by winning the B.A.S.S. Eastern Division Invitational in Jan. 11-13 on Lake Okeechobee,FL. using crankbaits on 8# test line. 44 lbs 4 oz. One was a 9lb 4oz beauty!! DBEYR!
    • 2002, Jay Random, in rec.arts.books.tolkien, [3]
      DBEYR. There is zero evidence of how people actually learnt to make cloth, as it was invented long before the invention of written records -- so long ago that not even oral traditions on that subject have survived.

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