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  1. present participle of DIY
    • 1997, Miranda Castro, Homeopathic Guide to Stress,[1] St. Martin’s Press, →ISBN, page 231,
      Once you have strained any muscle – whether exercising or DIYing or giving birth – it is important to take immediate action.
    • 2000, Mary M. Talbot, All the World and Her Husband: Women in Twentieth-Century Consumer Culture,[2] Continuum International Publishing Group, →ISBN, page 139,
      Women were rarely shown actually DIYing, though, which suggests the product manufacturers behind the advertising saw women’s role as primarily designers and decision-makers.
    • 2004, Rachel Cunningham-Day, The Girls’ Guide to Wealth,[3], →ISBN, page 113,
      If you want to colour your hair but achieve expensive looking results you don’t have many options. Either stay very close to your natural hair colour or visit a salon on a trainee night and choose something more adventurous. If DIYing you can use a permanent hair colour to cover grey or just give your hair even tone and gloss.
    • 2007, Linda Bird, Look Gorgeous Always: Find It, Fake It, Flaunt It,[4] Perigee, →ISBN, page 111,
      A salon treatment is usually more effective, but buy a lemon if you’re DIYing, which can remove stains from your palms.